She is simply the perfect real estate professional

If there were a Congressional Medal of Honor for people who work in the real estate community, Rose Marie Marshall would easily qualify. Here are some reasons I make that statement:
Rose Marie was the third agent who we hired to sell our horse farm, which included a beautiful Colorado-style mountain house, barn, and fenced pastures on 17 acres. We put the farm up for sale at the beginning of the recession in 2008. Rose Marie got it sold in December 2011 after having the listing only six months.Of course Rose Marie did all the right things promoting the farm: advertising in the right places, putting up attractive signage, holding open houses for local agents and networking really well. She also produced great data – and used appropriate tact – in convincing my ex-wife and me to set the right price on the property. She was so comforting to be around during those discussions.But her amazing service had only just begun at that point. The house needed some work and Rose Marie was there to help us figure out what to do and not do. And she helped us find just the right service people to get the work done quickly and affordably.The medal of honor duty began after Rose Marie secured a contract on the farm. Included here were powerful negotiations with the buyer on price, repairs and inspections. Then she helped my ex-wife find the perfect home nearby to move to. Amazingly, she and her husband Jim – a wonderful gentleman – also help with the packing and moving.I can’t say enough about Rose Marie. I assure you, I will hire her above all others the next time I have to sell a house. She is simply the perfect real estate professional.